Traveling RxExercise Ambassador Program


Imagine! Imagine signing up today and “tomorrow” crossing a memorable finish line in Alaska, DisneyWorld, Dublin, Ireland, Munich, Germany, Hawaii, Las Vegas, New Mexico, or Washington D.C.
Charities Challenge Is Continually Recruiting RxExercise Ambassadors - Join Now!

Why Become an RxExercise Ambassador? Because…
There are NO CURES for all the ills associated with lack of exercise!

But, you can make a difference today & every day in your own life & the lives of others by Training, Team Building, Traveling & Telling your RxExercise Ambassador story.

So, BE YOUR OWN CAUSE…‘Cause Your RxExercise Improves Lives Every Day that you run, race, walk as an RxExercise Ambassador.


Begin your RxExercise Ambassadorship today & be traveling to a Great Ambassador Destination tomorrow!

2013 Great Ambassador Destination Events

Followed by ACSM Annual Health/Fitness Summit at Paris, Las Vegas Mar 12-15

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) H/F Summit

meeting is for everyone interested in RxExercise – exercise as medicine -

discoveries, research, training, education & exercise leadership

Preceded by RRCA National Convention in Albuquerque, NM May 2-4


For more information or to talk with Charities Challenge A-Teams Coordinator, Coach Gary Westlund, call 612-245-9160 or send him an email.

Register online to become a CC RxExercise Ambassador online at

or use the following printable forms to mail in to CC.

CC Ambassador Registration Form, Part I

CC Ambassador Registration Form part II

CC Ambassador Registration Form part III

Printable Promotional Flier of all 2012 Great Ambassador Events

A Photo Slideshow of 2011 RxExercise Ambassador  Destination Events

See the RxExercise Ambassador Travels to Great Destination Events Photo Gallery