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challengeDiabetes-edited2Saturday, June 28, 2014 - 8 AM

9th Annual
Challenge Diabetes 5k

“Taking Strong Steps to Defeat Diabetes”

& simultaneous 1.5 Mile Fitness Walk & Kids Challenge 1/4 & 1/2 Mile Fun Run @ 9:15 AM

Como Lake, St Paul, MN 1360 Lexington Parkway North, St Paul, MN 55103

Pre-register for 2014 Challenge Diabetes 5k via Active

Challenge Diabetes 5k Printable Promotional Flier & Mail-in Entry Form

Professionally Timed/Scored by on USATF certified course*

Complete 5k results by Youth, Open, Masters (5-year age groups > age 40-90+) and optional Athena-Clydesdale Weight Class Divisions. Classy commemorative race shirts & race treats for all event participants.

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90% of diabetes (NIDDM) is preventable & more manageable with Rx Exercise!

Challenge Diabetes with appropriate and highly effective Rx Exercise. Appropriate Rx Exercise is a powerful help to many people with diabetes who want to better manage their diabetes, and improve their quality of life, by being physically active through, and well beyond, their diabetes challenges.

Come celebrate people with diabetes who say, “I’m Moving My Feet to Defeat Diabetes"

This is a remarkable occasion to inspire, and be inspired by, our family and friends who are walking or running through their diabetes challenges to optimal diabetes management and a better quality of life every day.


USATF Certified Course

CC's Como Lake Course is USATF #MN-05030-RR

For a larger version of the course map click here.


You’re invited to donate more than your race registration fee in support of CC Challenge Rx Exercise programs. Net event proceeds benefit Charities Challenge Rx Exercise Events, Programs and Services. CC is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Charities Challenge Mission: To Improve Health/Fitness, Reduce Health Risks, and Enhance Disease Management via Goal-oriented RxExercise Training Programs, Engaging Events & Active Community Partnerships...
Because there is NO CURE for all the ills associated with lack of exercise…except RxExercise!

Net event proceeds support CC’s RxExercise Events/Programs/Services. CC is a 501(c)(3) organization.

In addition to your event entry fee, CC welcomes any tax-deductible donation to CC supporting RxExercise.

Info: 612-245-9160;

You’re also welcome to fundraise directly for & with funds going to any other IRS recognized non-profit charitable cause of your choice while training for and participating in any CC Events. Go to CC’s Make A Donation page and then explore CROWDRISE linked there to set up your own fundraising campaign. CC receives no funds from any fundraising you set up to benefit any other charitable causes; but, CC’s Crowdrise page will display how much money you and others have raised for your charities of choice. Start your own Charities Challenge fundraising whenever you’re ready to add those steps to all your steps in training & racing CC Events. Ready...Set...Go!