Charities Challenge in the News

Charities Challenge in the News

12/26/12 2012 Christmas Day 5k TV coverage on KSTP Thank you KSTP for showing how, by dressing appropriately, we happily run and walk even when the wind-chill is sub-zero sunshine!

This is the voice-over about the event: ”A few hundred Minnesotans got the Christmas present at the top of their list Tuesday morning, crossing the finish line at this year's Christmas Day 5K Run at Como Lake in Saint Paul. It was pretty chilly, so the runners were bundled up.  There are other Christmas Day runs, but Tuesday's in Saint Paul is the closest to the North Pole.”

9/24/12 - CC Board Member, RxExercise Ambassador to Disney World Marathon 2011, and CC Race Event Worker (CCREW Volunteer) with near-perfect CC Volunteer Record, Don Soule is recognized by the 2012 Twin Cities Marathon as one of the Medtronic Global Hero. Read Don Soule’s inspiring story here. Don’s story will help many to take active courage when confronted by obstacles to exercise of a serious medical diagnosis. Today, Sept 24 happens to be Don’s 63rd birthday and just yesterday ran a 5k PR between serving in essential volunteer duties at CC’s Challenge Aging 5k in St Paul, MN. Way to...Go Don!

CC in the WORLD NEWS: Feb 7 - ”For Valentine's Day, Promoting Health Through Exercise” worldwide story via US State Department’s Embassy site about CC’s Valentines Hearts ‘r’ Running 5k

Dec 30, 2011 - CC IN THE NEWS: CC’s unique Christmas Day 5k photo and reference appeared int the Minneapolis Star Tribune, as did a quote from me, CC Coach Gary, about how we work with the St Paul Parks people and police as part of our CC events' management for safety and enjoyment. Read story & see photo here.

Aug 3, 2011 - Minneapolis StarTribune article "Run for Your Life" story based on interview with CC's Coach Gary Westlund about Active Living into Advance Age.

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12/25/08 WCCO video about the Christmas Day 5k

The video story of Coach Gary Westlund’s  interview with Kare11’s Diana Pierce about 2008’ CC's ThanksGiving Day - GivingThanks 5k Holiday Run Event

Press release about the $2000 Matching Donation Pledge for "Marcelo's New Racing Wheel Chair Challenge Campaign

Read the following about CC and Marcelo’s New racing Wheel Chair Challenge Campaing from

This mom relished Mother's Day 5K Road Race Win by Bruce Brothers, St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Inspired by running heroes in print, on the path and in school

By Bruce Brothers
St Paul Pioneer Press
Sunday, Nov. 05, 2006

This is a St Paul Pioneer Press report about
Charities Challenge 1st Annual Challenge Obesity 5k
by Bruce Brothers, Posted on Sun, Apr. 09, 2006
(Photos added by Gary Westlund)

Hip replacementhampered his pace, but only temporarily

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